Banner Types and Uses

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Be seen with a custom printed banner today.

Same Day Banners Houston has multiple options when it comes to custom banners to help you stand out and give you visibility.  All printed banners are personalized, four-color and come in a variety of mediums.  Design assistance is available or artwork can be submitted to easily produce a stand-out banner that are perfect and bold to help you get your customers attention.

Banners can be used for many occasions.  Here is a brief list of ways Same Day Banners Houston’s custom banners can help you be seen:

  • Advertisement – Advertising Banners
  • Event Promotion
  • Special Event Banners
  • Real Estate Banners
  • Business Signage and Promotion
  • Charity Event Banners
  • Restaurant Banners
  • Banners for Trade Shows
  • Banners for Sales and Promotions
  • Banners for School Events
  • Sale Banners
  • Business Event Banners
  • Merchandise Banners
  • Corporate Event Banners
  • Corporate Promotions
  • Outdoor Banners
  • Vinyl Banners

Types of Banners​

Matte Finish Banners

Vinyl banners come in different finishes.  Matte finish banners are more desirable when selecting a banner for indoor/outdoor use mostly due to the fact that it softens the glare from different light sources.  Indoor lighting and direct sunlight create a glare that can sometimes make it difficult to see the front of the banner or sign.  The matte finish ensures that though there is light sources present, the colorful message and advertisement will be seen irregardless, and will not dilute the details of the banners message.  To conclude, a matte finish banner is a great choice when selecting your banner medium if the intention is to have the signage in a very well lit or outdoor environment.

Gloss Finish Banners

Gloss finish banners definitely has its perks.  Some clients prefer the idea that a gloss finish banner is very bold, with deep eye-catching colors.  Additionally, sometimes the preference is that the gloss finish banner be used because light can enhance the surface.  Opposite the idea of the matte finish, but depending on the design, color choices and size of the banner and text, gloss finish may be the way to go to make sure your message stands out and can be seen to its fullest potential.

Canvas Banners

Canvas banners are preferred by some for many different reasons.  A common use for a canvas banner is when there is a need for a high-end banner or backdrop.  Canvas banners have a slight texture to them and resemble a painted canvas in many cases.  Canvas banners can be produced in lightweight or heavyweight fabrics and can have a somewhat non-reflective appearance.  Canvas banners are often preferred in productions, trade shows and press conferences and are a very versatile way to promote any business or event.

Same Day Banners Houston is the number one choice for getting a custom banner printed in Houston and surrounding areas.  If you are looking for quality service, a fast turnaround and valuable marketing expertise, Same Day Banners is available to assist in creating full-color custom bold banners to promote your event, company or merchandise.  Banners are available in many mediums and an unlimited amount of size options.  We offer same-day, next-day and two-three day production to meet your budget and allocated time frames.

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