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A unique type of banner to consider is one that is made from canvas.  Many people make the decision to choose a canvas banner over other types of banners when looking for a banner that will give the feel of a “high-end” backdrop or sign.  Commonly used for displays, backdrops and have a look and feel that resembles a canvas painting.  Below are some reasons why one may consider a canvas banner when deciding between different banner materials:


Canvas Banners for Professional Events

Using a canvas banner as a backdrop, to display photography business signage and branding is one of the more commonly uses of a canvas banner.  A primary reason for this is that it has a very classy, high-end look and feel and minimal glare with light.  It resembles that of a painting on canvas so the options to print photos or images that can be kept for extended period of time is up for consideration.  Additionally, repeat use of the banner for professional events is ideal because the banners stay in great condition.  A great option if one is looking a banner that is premium quality and has great longevity.


Four-Color Digitally Printed Canvas Banners

Another reason to choose a canvas banner is the printing process that is used to embellish the banner itself.  Canvas banners are digitally printed using a four-color process that allows for fine details to be seen, as well as very specific color-matching.  Color applied to the canvas banners lasts and will not fade.  Using this process on the canvas ensures that the high-end look is retained, and your product will represent the client, the business or event flawlessly.


Canvas Banners at Same Day Banners


Canvas for Wall Art and Accent Pieces

Using a canvas banner does not necessarily mean that you are conducting advertisement or branding.  Many clients choose canvas banners to print wall art or custom accent pieces.  The canvas banners come in such a premium quality that is can give the illusion of being a painting done by hand.  This is perfect for decorating walls and displays within restaurants, businesses and even homes.  Canvas banners can be printed in multiple sizes and shapes, to accommodate any art piece.


Canvas Banners are High-Quality Material

Moreover, the choice for a canvas banner is made based on the need for a quality look.  Canvas banners are heavy weight, made from premium materials and more importantly keep their shape.  Corners of the canvas banner will not curl over time.  It is important to know that it is a recommended material for indoor exposure.


These are just a few of the best reasons to select a canvas banner when choosing your printing medium.


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