Hanging Banners

hanging banners

At Same Day Banners Houston we get creative when it comes to hanging a banner for everyone to see.  Banner Printing is available in many materials and sizes that are capable of being displayed in many different ways.

Hanging Banners with Grommets 

One of the more popular ways to hang a banner is by having a banner made with seams and grommets.  Grommets and small circular rings that act as reinforcements that allow for the banner to be hung up by ropes, chains or string.  This is especially useful for a larger banner to make sure it is displayed in a secure way that will be nice and flat, when pulled and tightened.

Banner Hanging on Fences

Hanging banners on fences is a great way for many venues to showcase their message on their banner of choice.  This is a great way for schools, sporting events and even businesses to make their advertisement visible for those attending any events, or just regular everyday traffic of patrons.   Same Day Banners Houston is excellent at suggesting the most secure ways to fasten a banner to a fence that will keep your banner up and visible. 

Ropes and Pullies to Hang a Banner

Using a rope and pully system to hang a banner is another popular way to make sure that your banner is visible to all.  Like a flag, the banner can be raised and high enough for those at a further distance to see the banner and make the marketing message impressionable for all. 

Hanging Banners on Walls

Like a piece of art, many people do the inevitable and simply hang their banner on the wall.  This works with banners that are just seamed and banners with grommets.  Same Day Banners Houston is a local banner store. We offers great advice on the best ways to hang a banner, taking into consideration the place it will be hung and how to best captivate the audience of choice. 

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