Same Day Banners prints vinyl stickers and decals in various sizes. Our stickers are kiss cut, which means there is a square backing that is typically larger than the sticker. The prices listed below are per quantity requested. Please contact us if you would like pricing on high-volume orders at 281-789-3132 or
SizeQty 50Qty 100Qty 200Qty 300Qty 500Qty 1,000
1" X 1"$105.00$165.00$205.00$305.00$400.00
2" X 2"$130.00$195.00$270.00$400.00$600.00
3" X 3"$160.00$225.00$360.00$540.00$800.00
4" X 4 "$105.00$175.00$305.00$420.00$650.00$1,100.00
5" X 5"$125.00$185.00$340.00$480.00$750.00$1,250.00