Same Day Banners offers stickers, decals, magnets, adhesive graphics and more!

Stickers and Decals

Stickers and Decals by Same Day Banners Houston – available in multiple sizes and in many batch increments.

SizeQty 50Qty 100Qty 200Qty 300Qty 500Qty 1,000
1" X 1"$105.00$165.00$205.00$305.00$400.00
2" X 2"$130.00$195.00$270.00$400.00$600.00
3" X 3"$160.00$225.00$360.00$540.00$800.00
4" X 4 "$105.00$175.00$305.00$420.00$650.00$1,100.00
5" X 5"$125.00$185.00$340.00$480.00$750.00$1,250.00

Vehicle Magnets / Car Magnets

Premium vinyl car door magnets are available at Same Day Banners Houston.  Magnets will work on metals surfaces and can be used not only for for vehicles but can work as temporary signage.

12" X 18"$85.00
18" X 24"$109.00

Vinyl Floor Graphics

We make our decals with high-quality vinyl for long-lasting use and digital UV inks to make your designs look incredible. Our floor graphics are make from 4 mil. vinyl, are scuff-resistant and able to withstand general wear and tear both indoors and outdoors. Use our decals to display your logo, business hours, sales and promotions, and more.  

24" X 24"$109.99
24" X 36"$119.99
36" X 36"$129.99
36" X 48"$135.99
48" X 48"$159.99


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