Gloss and Matte Banners

gloss and matte banners

The finish of a banner can change the over all look of any banner printing job.  The differences in them are important to consider when deciding what use the banner will serve.  Same Day Banners Houston is an expert banner store at printing in both matte and gloss finishes.  We love offering variety to our customers to cater to their marketing needs.

Gloss Finish Banners

Choosing a gloss finish banner is a very popular choice.  The banners will be more colorful and vibrant than that of a matte banner.  A gloss banner has a shine that allows for the colors to pop and make the message attractive and noticeable by passers-by.  Gloss banners are used for many reasons including: sporting events, school events, sales, advertisement and much more. Gloss vinyl banners are great for outdoor use and help protect against the sun.

Matte Finish Banners

A matte finish banner can make a difference to some if the amount of copy (or text) is plentiful.  This is because the matte material has no glare, especially under direct light (both inside and outside) and will be a little easier on some eyes.  Matte finish banners can also be a popular choice for high-end events, trade shows and weddings and parties.  

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